UFO Bee Block of the Month 2023

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Meeting Dates:

January 2

January 30

February 6

March 6

April 3

May 1

May 29 (Memorial Day observed)

June 5

July 3 (Independence Day observed)

July 31

August 7

September 7 (Labor Day)

October 2

October 30

November 6

December 4


Block 1 - "Friendship StarExternal link opens in new tab or windowLink

Block 2 - "Spinning StarExternal link opens in new tab or windowLink  (Be sure to get both pages)

Block 3 - "Coffin BlockExternal link opens in new tab or windowLink  (Special Note:  The squares are cut  2 5/8" x 2 5/8."   That's halfway between 2 1/2" and 2 3/4."  The setting triangles are 7" cut on the diagonal. Scroll down on the page to see all instructions.)

Block 4 - "Frayed Sawtooth StarExternal link opens in new tab or windowLink  (Special Note:  Cut the blocks exactly as the measurements say and refer to the tutorial on the right side of the first page to make the flying goose segments.  Hint: it’s a different way that leaves no waste!

Block 5 - "Diamond Star"   External link opens in new tab or windowLink  (It’s a 12” block done in 2 colors and comes out as a stunning block.  Be sure to look at the samples made by the pattern testers.)

Block 6 - "Martha Washington Star"   External link opens in new tab or windowLink  (Special Note:  A 12" pattern found on quilterscache.com. I made mine in 2 fabrics with high contrast (black and white/orange and white) and they came out marvelous! )

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The password has been changed!  Use the NEW password on the back of your membership card (Starting Tuesday November 1, 2022)

Meeting Minutes

DateBoard Minutes
Meeting MInutes
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Membership Directory (Password Protected)

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Please renew your membership to be in the directory.
Use the NEW password on the back of your membership card as of Nov 1, 2022

Guild Bylaws


Programs & Workshops

KAQG general meetings are typically held on the first Thursday night of the month at 7:00 p.m. (6:30 p.m. Social) with a workshop given by the guest speaker on Friday.

Workshops are currently located at:
Cupcake Quilts - 9574 FM 1960 Bypass, Humble, TX 77338  
Phone: 281-446-4999

Please see workshop information for specific details.  For additional info on workshops or location, contact Workshops or Programs.

All workshops are a $35 fee for members plus any material costs

External link opens in new tab or windowMEMBERSHIP FORM

Benefits of Membership

     Monthly Meetings
     Featured National Speakers
     Workshops by Speakers at a nominal fee
    Library of over 250 books
    Meeting with those who share your love of quilts
    Guild Activities – Block of the Month, Show and Tell
    Community Service
    Guild Web Site
     Newsletter (The guild newsletter is available on this website and is password protected for our members only.  The user ID and password will be on the back of your membership card.)

Membership Renewal is September
Active Member                                                                     $30.00
Junior Member (elementary through high school)   $10.00
Business Member                                                                 $35.00

To join or renew, please fill out a membership form and bring it with your payment to the Guild meeting or mail it to the address on the form with your check.  You can download a copy of the membership form from our website or fill one out at the membership table at the guild meeting.  If you have joined or renewed in the six months prior to September, you must still renew in September.

The Membership Directory is available on this  website and is password protected for members only to view.

If you have pull tabs from drink cans, you may drop them off at the membership table.  These are sent to the Ronald McDonald House.

For questions regarding membership, contact Membership 


Bee Buzz

Bees play a very big part in the guild.  Our bees vary in size.  The Kingwood Area Quilt Guild has several bees to choose from.  You may belong to as many bees as you wish.   Bees generally meet in public places or members' homes to share their love of quilting and make lasting friendships.  Many bees take on projects to benefit local charities. Each group determines its own scope and purpose and inspire others to try new things.  Everyone is encouraged to join in the fun.  For information about any of our bees listed below or if you are interested in starting a new bee contact the First VP Membership.


                                  Current Bee Meetings


1. Charity Quilt Committee

    Focus is making quilts for kids, Veteran's Lap Quilts and other community

    2nd and 4th Mondays at  Kingwood Library - 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
    Address is:  4400 Bens Branch 

   We make charity quilts and welcome any fabric donations.  Please email info@kingwoodareaquiltguild.com to donate.

REMINDER, we continue to collect Hobbs UPC Labels.
The UPC label provides a discount to the Guild when
purchasing batting from the Manufacturer.
If you are purchasing Hobbs Batting for your quilting,
PLEASE recycle the bags by turning them in to Community Service at the Guild Meetings.

    Contact:  Rebecca Ward


 2. UFO Central Bee

    1st and 3rd Mondays  -  10:00-4:00 (Go to lunch at noon)
     Location is Diane Floyd's Home

    Bring your UFO's and machine (or not)

    Contact:  Rebecca Ward


 Show and Tell

Each month at our guild meetings, we have show and tell, where we show off projects that we have completed.  Everyone loves to see what others have been doing.  If you have a project that you want to show, download and print the form here, or get one at the guild meeting.

Show and Tell External link opens in new tab or windowForm

Click here to see our latest club pictures on External link opens in new tab or windowFlickr



Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Executive Committee/Elected Officers as of Sept 2022-23

Geoff Kinison
Lori Robinson
Vice President  (Membership)

Debbi  Cagney
Vice President Programs/Workshops   

Jennifer Bathurst
Director of Communications
Teresa Duerringer
Leila Hays
Recording Secretary
Amanda Gilmore
Director Community Service/Education

Ellen Liliedahl
Representative at Large

Standing Committes
Retreat March
Jeri Dudley & Debbie Standley


Joyce Finch

Lu Ann Schmidt/Cherrie Kridler

Don Rutledge

(Paused during COVID)

Suzette Amos
Show and Tell
Diane Pagano
Charity Quilts
Ginny Kinison & Lori Robinson

Debbie Standley, Jeri Dudley, Denise Stamm
Holiday Party  2022

Stephanie Tarver
Donation Quilt 2023

Janet Turini and Tina Pratt
Door Prizes
Carrie Keith

Ellen Liliedahl
Sunshine & Shadows    


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Bylaws and Standing Rules Eff Sept 1, 2015


Quilting Related Information

Labeling a Quilt
It is important to document not only the quilts that you make but also family quilts and quilts you collect to preserve our quilt heritage.  A written record, complete with a photograph and provenance, will help those who come after us to know about our quilts.  Include the date and any history you can find out about the quilt when you purchase it.

When you make a quilt, always sign your work.  It is just as important for a quiltmaker to sign the work as it is for an artist to sign a painting.  The most authentic way is to quilt your name, date, and location into the quilt.  In lieu of this, you should write your name, date, location, and name of the quilt and/or description on a fabric square and attach it to the back of your quilt.

How to Make a Hanging Sleeve  External link opens in new tab or windowLink

Storing a Quilt
Exposure to direct sunlight is a quilt’s biggest enemy.  The colors begin to fade or lose their “light and color fastness” after a period of time in direct sunlight.  This is one of the reasons that rotating your quilts is always a good idea.

If you are not displaying all of your quilts, it is best to store them in 100% cotton gift/storage bags or pillowcases.  Use crumpled acid-free tissue paper in the folds to help prevent creases from forming in the quilt over time.  Try not to stack too many quilts on top of each other because the weight will sometimes form a crease as well.  Periodically refolding your quilts is also a good idea.

Do not store quilts in plastic bags.  Storing a quilt in plastic not only exposes it to light, it traps dampness and increases the chances of mildew forming.    Mildew is extremely difficult to remove from quilts.
Always store quilts in a cool, dry spot.  Do not keep your quilts in the attic or in the basement.  This is the ideal way to preserve all of your treasured quilts, fiber art, needlework, and fabric heirlooms


Area Quilt Shops

And Sew It Began, La Porte, TX

Be Sew Inn,  Humble, TX

Bobbins & Threads, Houston, TX

Cupcake Fabrics and Quilt, 2 locations: Humble and Spring, TX

Fabric Carousel

GRS, Old Town Spring, TX

Hat Creek Fabrics & More,  Conroe,  TX

Katie B Quilt Shop, Mont Belvieu, TX

LaLa's Quilt Shoppe (Livingston, TX)

Painted Pony 'n Quilts, La Porte, TX

Quilter's Quarters, Conroe, TX

The Quilty Shop, Tomball, TX

Sew & Sew Quilt Shop,  Cleveland, TX


Rewards Programs


If you use Amazon Smile  as your profile home page to make purchases, you can select a charity for Amazon to donate a portion of your purchase dollars!  Be sure to scroll through the list of approved charities and you will find the “Kingwood Area Quilt Guild” as one of the choices.  Be sure to select it in your profile and our guild will receive a donation for every purchase you make.  Or, just use the following link to sign into Amazon Smile, it has our own unique account number in it.

External link opens in new tab or windowhttps://smile.amazon.com/ch/76-0100458

Last year we received about $500.00 from Krogers by using our NPO # with our Krogers Card.  The year the program has changed.  We need to go to the website and register our Kroger card with the Guild NPO#.
Please visit Kroger Website:
www.KrogerCommunityRewards.com  to link your Kroger Plus Card with our Guild Number of
NP0# 82468w.
Cards will be available at the Membership Desk.
Randalls offers our customers a way to direct our donation dollars to their favorite church, school or other non-profit organization. Since the program began in the fall of 1996, Randalls/Tom Thumb has donated nearly $48 million to over 8000 participating organizations. Through our Good Neighbor Program, organizations sign up to have an exclusive account number. Members of an organization can then link the account number to their Remarkable card. You can link your favorite participating charity to your Remarkable card by completing a Good Neighbor Charity Addition/Deletion Form.  Our organization number is #3410.  Please use this link to get the form to update your card:
Mail it to:  Randalls Good Neighbor Program, 3663 Briarpark, Houston, Texas  77042.