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Early in the history of our guild, the colors of brown and beige were chosen. Stationery was ordered in those colors with the Ohio Star logo. Then one year when there was a KAQG booth at the Kingwood Art Show, Bev Rogers thought the name of the group should be displayed so she pieced a banner using the Ohio Star logo. It was quilted by Kay Hudec.


In 1986, many people felt that it was time for an updated logo, one to be voted on by our members from ideas submitted in a contest. The guidelines for the contest asked for a 12" x 12" scale drawing on graph paper for a wallhanging-size banner. Other specifications were to include the name or initials of the guild and the designer's choice of colors and optional fabric samples. Judy Curtis' design was chosen and she volunteered to piece and quilt the banner that is displayed in the front of the room at each meeting. The Ohio star is in the center of the design representing the quilters who are surrounded by the Kingwood forest and the guild initials are in the corners indicating that our members come from all directions. The red border is like a road bringing us all together. The colors were chosen because they are universally appealing. However, the light background color might represent the light which all quilters need while working. The green, of course, is the forest. Blue is a restful color and demonstrates the feeling of accomplishment when a quilt is completed. Red is an energetic color that defines a quilter's emotions while in the creative process.


The new logo started creative juices flowing and many new ideas came into being. First of all, our stationery was running low so Carla Farris and Judy Curtis put their heads together and designed the stationery we now use in the colors of creme and green. The loose-leaf notebooks used for our membership information were also chosen at this time. A suggestion for logo pins was made and Gwen Crockett began to search for a company to make them. Once again, Judy Curtis was called upon to incorporate her design into a size and colors that would be acceptable to the manufacturer. Judy and Gwen spent many hours on this project and the beautiful KAQG pin we now have attests to that fact!


Kingwood Area Quilt Guild
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Kingwood, TX 77325