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Hall of Fame Award

HALL OF FAME AWARD This new award was created in 1999 to recognize members who have already won a Silver Thimble and have continued to offer the Guild years of outstanding service.  There can only be two given in any one year; however, the award does not have to be given every year.   

1999  Donna Mikesch
Our very first award winner served as our third President in 1979.  She also won her Silver Thimble in 1979, the first year it was given.  She was awarded the first Trailblazer Award in 1984 for chairing the first Quilt Show.  Donna also chaired the second Quilt Show in 1985, and lectured at the third in 1987.  She chaired the Fashion Show/Luncheon in 1989, and also served as a chairperson on both the '97 and '99 Quilt Shows.  She has served as our Historian for several years, and has been an advisor to us all in many capacities.  She has been a constant and active member for over 20 years, has taught us classes, and ever thrilled us with her wearable arts.  It is fitting that Donna be our first Hall of Fame Award winner, as she was our first Silver Thimble winner and the First Trailblazer.  She has certainly put KAQG first.

1999  Jan McFarland
Jan served as President in 1996 after two terms as First Vice-President.  As President, Jan also served as Quilt Show director, retreat organizer, Garage Sale chair, and Charity chair, all with her customary charm and organizational skills.  She was a Silver Thimble winner in 1995.  During her term as Parliamentarian, Jan took it upon herself to turn the job into a very active one by heading a committee to rewrite the by-laws.  She could have taken the year off but chose instead to do this tedious chore.    She is an excellent teacher and has conducted many free workshops for the Guild.  Her hard work and dedication to the Guild is unmatched and everlasting.  There is not a thing she would turn down or turn away from, including flying to Oklahoma to pick up a quilt that had been quilted for the Guild.  She is quite willing to appear in pink netting and tights, waving a plastic wand and blithely tossing fat quarters around to promote our projects and to entertain us.  Jan has never rested on her laurels in the 13 years she has been a Guild member, but instead, has left a trail of organization and leadership for us to follow.   

2001  Linda Aspinall
A member since 1993, Linda has served as Recording Secretary, Newsletter Editor, President, Parliamentarian, and Door Prize Chairman.  She received her Silver Thimble in 1995.  In 1997, she received the Trailblazer Award for designing and organizing the IQA raffle quilt, “Stained Glass Stars,” the first IQA raffle quilt to be pieced by a group.  Linda helped design the 1999 KAQG Raffle Quilt made from that year’s challenge fabric in blocks donated by the membership.  She had major input in the Boutique at our 1999 Quilt Show and is Boutique Chair this year.  Beginners and experienced quilters in our guild have drawn on Linda’s talents.  She has taught both machine and hand quilting at our Schoolhouses and last May at the quilting program at Jesse Jones Park.  Linda can be counted on to help in a pinch and always does an excellent job.  

2001  Sue Creaney
Sue joined KAQG in 1995.  Among the many positions she has held in the Guild are 2nd VP of Programs (two separate terms), 1st VP of Membership, Hospitality Chairman, Mini Quilt Chairman at the 1997 Quilt Show, Hospitality Chairman at the 1999 Quilt Show, setting up the foyer and decorating it for Quilt Show, co-chairing the 1998 Retreat, and hostess for the New Member Tea in 2000.  In 1997, Sue received the Silver Thimble Award.  Sue continues to faithfully serve the Guild by doing whatever is asked of her, often stepping in and doing it without being asked.  She is a great motivator of the other Guild members and has a special talent for keeping everyone in line with the KAQG goals and purpose.  In her own quiet way, Sue represents the Guild as a symbol of what a member should be—she makes you want to belong, do better, and serve more.  

2004  Sara Avers
Sara has been a member of the Kingwood Area Quilt Guild since 1996.  While a member she has served as Door Prize Chairman, two terms as Treasurer, Recording Secretary, another two terms as Treasurer and as President.  Sara has twice been a Co-Chairman of our Quilt Show (as well as having been an invaluable advisor for the 2003 Quilt Show), a Co-Chairman of the Auction and a Co-Chairman of the Retreat Committee.  Since being a member of the guild she has served as at least one chairmanship during every quilt show and auction the guild has held. During her term as President she has been successful in resolving the issue of changing the Guild’s fiscal year and thus served in that capacity for an 18-month term.  Sara received her Silver Thimble Award in 1998 and has continued to tirelessly serve KAQG in many, many different ways.  She represents the Guild in the manner we would hope all members would—she is among the first to volunteer, she accepts the responsibility of the task, and she can always be counted on to successfully complete any task she assumes.  

Kay Myers
Kay Myers joined KAQG at our 1997 Quilt Show.  She immediately began to volunteer her time and talents to the Guild.  She was awarded a Silver Thimble in 2000, and has continued to serve the Guild in a variety of positions, including:  Lottery Block Chair, 2nd Vice President of Programs, President, Treasurer (two terms), Retreat Chair (twice), Door Prize Chair, Auction Chair, Librarian, and currently Recording Secretary.  She has been involved as a Quilt Show and Auction Committee Chair every year she has been a member.  Twice she accepted responsibility for securing business donations for our Auction.  She has written the Auction Catalog, and has worked on or personally donated over 30 quilts for our biennial Auction.  At Quilt Shows she has served as Head Cashier and Committee Chair for Judges, Judging, and Awards.   Kay has been a participant on many committees, including the Quilt Show Rules Committee, Silent Auction Chairman, Quilt Show Set-Up Chairman twice, and the Nominating Committee.  She has helped entertain speakers, and single-handedly coordinated the making of the Homestead Quilt, which the Guild donated to Jesse Jones Park.  Kay willingly responds to any request the Guild makes of her, and is often proactive in identifying needs, and getting the job done, always with a smile on her face, and always giving 100 percent.

Rose Burnett
Rose joined the Kingwood Area Quilt Guild in 1995.  She has held many positions over the years with the guild.  She has been First VP of Membership, Corresponding Secretary, Beekeeper, Door Prizes, Educatin Chairman, and twice she has been Recoring Secretary, Newseltter Editor and Rereshment Chairman. She has also helped in many areas for all the guilds Quilt Shows.  Rose is always willing and responds to any requests the Guild makes of her.  She is excellent at getting the job done with a smile and giving 100 percent to the guild.  Rose has been active in many bees and contributed to the knowledge of her fellow guild members.  She is a great asset to the guild.

Jackie Runyan
ckie is a founding member of the guild.  She has remained an active member in the guild since its organization.  Jackie received her silver thimble in 1987.  She also received the Trailblazer Award from the guild in 2006 for organizing Kwilts4Kids as a charitable group for the guild.  They gave over 250 quilts the first year.  This year she has served as the roving reporter for the newsletter bringing us stories about members that are interesting and entertaining.  For the quilt show she co-chaired the special exhibits contacting deceased members' families to make the exhibit special for everyone to enjoy.  Jackie worked on the Quilt Show Donation Quilt for the Quilt Show for 2009.  She also acted as council for the parliamentarian when working on the by-law revisions since she helped form the original guild.  She also worked and donated "Bella Monde" for the Auction in 2008 bringing much recognition and income to the guild to fund speakers.  She has continued her service to the guild in many ways over the years. These are just a few of her accomplishments for the guild.

2009  Nellie Switzer

Nellie has been a member of the guild for many years.  She received her silver thimble in 1985 from the guild.  This last year Nellie designed and organized the Quilt Show Donation Quilt for the 2009 Quilt Show.  It was fabulous and her pride in quilting showed in the quilt.  She also worked on and donated "Bella Monde" for the Auction in 2008 bringing much recognition and income to the guild to fund speakers.  Nellie has been a supporter of the guild for many years and this is just a small amount of the work she has done over the years for the guild.  She is always willing to do whatever anyone asks her to do for the guild.

2010  Mary Jean Murphy

Mary Jean has been a member of the guild for many years.  She has served the guild in many positions on the board.  She has done membership, programs, community outreach, special activities, holiday party and many other positions.  She and Sue Creaney as the activies team started the wonderful bus trips that everyone has enjoyed.  She has alwasy sponsored the Walk for the Cure every year.  Mary Jean and Sue started the UFO support group.  This was group was attended by many guild members throughout the year.  Mary Jean listened to our senior members and started a Day time Business and Bee group.  This meeting has brought the many ladies who can't drive at night a time to meet and have fun.  Thank you Mary Jean for all that you have done for the guild.  You have brought comradarie and fun to the guild.

2011  Margo Pieper

Margo has been a member of the guild for many year and have served in many positions on the board.  She has been president, programs chairman, membership chairman, activities, and quilt show chairman to name  a few of them.  She has been involved in all aspects of the guild since becoming a member.  Margo has lead the way with expanding  the auction and fund raising for the guild.  Thank you Margo for all you have done for the guild.

2012  Margie Hedges
Margie has been a member of the guild for many years.  She has served the guild in the position of publicity for many years.  She has been gotten the word about the guild and our functions and fundraisers out to the community.  She is our cheerleader of the guild to the community.  She has secured free publicity in both print and television.  She lead a successful Auction that was very different from any other auction we had done and it was a great success.  Thank you Margie for all you have done for the guild.


2013 Paula Byrd
Paula has been in the guild since 2003.  She has served the guild in many ways.  She has been the hospitality chairman, Recording secretary, Quilt show chairman for the last two quilt shows.  She has just finished her term as President.  She has been active in bee’s within the guild and had taught classes to guild members.  She is an excellent quilt maker and loves to share her knowledge with others.  Thank you Paula for all you have done for the guild.

2013 Janet Turini
Janet has been in the guild since 1992.  She has served in many different jobs over the years and has always done a great job.  She was President in 2004.  She has been the newsletter editor, Recording Secretary, Programs chairman, Quilt Show Chairman just to name a few things she has done.  She has been the Parliamentarian this last year.  She is an excellent quilt makers and she loves to share her knowledge with others.  Thank you Janet for all your work for the guild.

2014 Janetta Rodriguez



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