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Storing a Quilt


Storing Your Quilts


Exposure to direct sunlight is a quilt’s biggest enemy.  The colors begin to fade or lose their “light and color fastness” after a period of time in direct sunlight.  This is one of the reasons that rotating your quilts is always a good idea.

If you are not displaying all of your quilts, it is best to store them in 100% cotton gift/storage bags or pillowcases.  Use crumpled acid-free tissue paper in the folds to help prevent creases from forming in the quilt over time.  Try not to stack too many quilts on top of each other because the weight will sometimes form a crease as well.  Periodically refolding your quilts is also a good idea. 


Do not store quilts in plastic bags.  Storing a quilt in plastic not only exposes it to light, it traps dampness and increases the chances of mildew forming.    Mildew is extremely difficult to remove from quilts.


Always store quilts in a cool, dry spot.  Do not keep your quilts in the attic or in the basement.  This is the ideal way to preserve all of your treasured quilts, fiber art, needlework, and fabric heirlooms.





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